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Boost your supply chain efficiency and profitability with EasyControl's comprehensive MDM solution. Easily deploy, manage, and scale your devices for logistics, transportation, warehouse management, and more. EasyControl helps you deliver better, optimize supply-chain cycles, and take care your employees.

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Be ELD ready
Enhance fleet safety and compliance with electronic logging devices (ELDs). These powerful tools help your drivers and logistics employees stay focused on the road by maintaining accurate digital records of Hours of Service (HOS) and Records of Duty Status (RODS). Maximize efficiency by locking logistics employees' devices to the ELD app and restricting access to all other distracting apps.
Deliver with efficiency and low-cost
Empower your drivers and boost your bottom line. Equip them with the tools they need to conquer the road – think intuitive navigation apps and efficient content management systems. But that's not all. Take it further with MDM. Optimize delivery routes in real-time, factoring in traffic, weather, and other variables. The result? Reduced fuel costs, happy drivers, and a smile on your accountant's face.
Always ready to help
Streamline IT support with the power of remote assistants. No matter the issue, clients can receive troubleshooting and resolution without returning to a service center, enjoying 24/7 support. This empowers your field workforce, boosting their efficiency and productivity.
How companies can benefits from EasyControl
Keep constant track of your mobile assets with real-time device location tracking and a comprehensive enterprise inventory.Beyond that, you can set a geofence for your devices, no matter whether it's a circular geofence, polygonal geofence, Wi-Fi geofence, or others. You'll get immediate alerts if any device moves out of the geofenced area, helping you protect your assets. Additionally, you can remotely wipe corporate data or lock down devices to prevent compliance risks.
User Scenario
Electronic logging device
Last-mile delivery
Vehicle fleet management
Barcode scanner
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