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Unleash the power of MDM to transform your retail operations. Manage, secure, and control all your devices from POS systems to self-checkout kiosks to digital signage, with ease. Boost employee productivity, enhance customer experiences, streamline workflows and grow your business globally.

The all-in-one device management solution for any type of use

Global expansion
Expanding your business globally? We've got you covered with zero-touch deployment. Enroll and configure automatically, no manual intervention required. Simplify your launch and focus on growth, wherever you go.
Self-check-out kiosks
Unleash a streamlined guest experience and empower staff with kiosk mode. Say goodbye to long checkout lines and hello to cost-saving automation. Kiosks handle routine tasks, freeing up staff for personalized service and building guest loyalty, ultimately boosting your bottom line.
Ease your employees
New technology can be a double-edged sword. While it promises efficiency, it can overwhelm store associates, leading to chaos and disruption. EasyControl lets you take the reins. Control the pace of deployment and updates, rolling them out at your own rhythm, globally. This ensures seamless brand awareness and consistent promotion plans, regardless of where your customers interact.
How companies can benefits from EasyControl
Kiosk mode is a valuable feature that lets you lock down a device to a single app or a limited set of apps. This is particularly useful for businesses that want to restrict employee device usage to specific work-related applications. By deploying kiosk mode, you can enhance productivity and efficiency, ensure corporate devices are solely used for enterprise purposes, and minimize support time and costs.
User Scenario
POS devices
Customer self-service kiosks
Barcode scanner
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