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What EasyControl MDM can do
Kiosk mode is a valuable feature that lets you lock down a device to a single app or a limited set of apps. This is particularly useful for businesses that want to restrict employee device usage to specific work-related applications. By deploying kiosk mode, you can enhance productivity and efficiency, ensure corporate devices are solely used for enterprise purposes, and minimize support time and costs.

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Enhanced security
MDM can help you secure your devices and safeguard your company data. With MDM, you can implement and enforce security policies, including strong password requirements, data encryption, and remote wipe capabilities. You can also proactively identify and report high-risk or noncompliant devices. These features proactively reduce the risk of hacking and malware and further solidify your company's data security posture.
Improved productivity
MDM solutions can streamline device management, lower support costs, and boost productivity. IT administrators can leverage MDM to track and configure mobile devices, control app deployment, implement security measures, and ensure compliance with regulations. This all happens from a centralized console, guaranteeing consistency and coherence across your device fleet.
Reduced costs
MDM solutions can help you manage and optimize the costs associated with your devices. With MDM, you can monitor device activity and implement policies to control data consumption, roaming charges, and other expenses.
Improved Transparency
MDM solutions become compliance allies. They enable you to implement precise permissions and access controls, dictating who can view, edit, or share content. Detailed change tracking, revision management, and a comprehensive audit trail of all content activities leave no room for doubt, solidifying your unwavering commitment to compliance.
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