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Elevate your hospitality offerings with a robust MDM solution that helps you deliver innovative guest experiences from in-room tablets to self-service kiosks to digital signage. With EasyControl, you can easily deploy, manage and update your devices remotely, ensuring that your guests have a seamless and unforgettable experience.

The all-in-one device management solution for any type of use

Enhance guests experience
Harness the power of smart in-room devices to craft digital experiences that enchant guests. Simultaneously, empower your hotel staff with instant support, remote access, and effortless troubleshooting, no matter their location.
Self-check-in experience
Kiosk mode fosters a smooth, streamlined guest experience while minimizing hotel staff costs, empowering hotels to prioritize exceptional hospitality.
Brand management
Unify your brand across every touchpoint, from sleek custom POS systems and intuitive self-service kiosks to captivating digital signage and beyond. Immerse your customers in a consistent, delightful brand experience from the moment they enter your store until they leave, fostering loyalty and building trust.
How companies can benefits from EasyControl
Kiosk mode is a valuable feature that lets you lock down a device to a single app or a limited set of apps. This is particularly useful for businesses that want to restrict employee device usage to specific work-related applications. By deploying kiosk mode, you can enhance productivity and efficiency, ensure corporate devices are solely used for enterprise purposes, and minimize support time and costs.
User Scenario
Self-check-in devices
In-room tablets
Digital signage
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