Improving healthcare delivery, Enhanced collaboration

MDM revolutionized healthcare operations by providing a secure and centralized way to manage all medical devices, not only in-house tablets, medical devices but also wearables and remote monitoring devices. With MDM, healthcare organizations can significantly improve the quality of care, enhance patient safety and privacy.

The all-in-one device management solution for any type of use

Protect your patients privacy
Safeguard patient data with peace of mind. Stay compliant with HIPAA and other privacy regulations by leveraging MDM's robust security features.Prevent cyberattacks, enable remote device updates, and enforce customized data security settings, all without compromising user experience.Enjoy comprehensive data recovery options for added assurance.
Enable healthcare access at anywhere anyplace
Unite your healthcare team under one powerful platform. Simplify data deployment, management, and updates, empowering your staff to access everything they need for patient care on any device they prefer. And all this, without sacrificing the crucial security of patient data.
Remote monitoring your patients
Bolster patient satisfaction with continuous, personalized care. Remote monitoring empowers you to identify early signs of deterioration and intervene proactively, leading to better outcomes and improved timeliness. Simultaneously, you can reduce healthcare costs by preventing unnecessary visits and hospitalizations. This innovative solution promises to enhance the lives of millions of patients.
How companies can benefits from EasyControl
Empower IT teams with instant remote access to any device. Take full control, run diagnostics, install software, configure settings – all without leaving your desk. Eliminate travel time and minimize downtime, ensuring peak operational efficiency.
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In-house tablets
POS devices
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