Empowering educators, Engaging students

EasyControl helps schools to deliver rich, engaging and safe learning experiences for all students, regardless of operating system or budget, by providing a comprehensive device management solution that streamlines the deployment, configuration, and security.

The all-in-one device management solution for any type of use

Connect at anywhere, at anytime
Design seamless, cross-device interactive learning experiences for students, regardless of their device. Enable students to focus in a distraction-free learning environment, wherever they are.
Improve students productivity
Enhance student focus and productivity by restricting devices to specific learning apps or curated sets. This prevents distractions and keeps them on task.
Protect students safety
Student safety is our top priority. With advanced app blacklisting and whitelisting, content filtering, website filtering, and safe search, we can protect your students from any cyber threats.
Reduce IT costs
Our powerful platform empowers IT staff to remotely control and debug field devices, pinpointing, diagnosing, and resolving issues wherever they occur.
How companies can benefits from EasyControl
APP blacklist/whitelist empower you to manage app installations on your devices. This feature lets you curate lists of approved apps (whitelist) and blocked apps (blacklist), enforcing them across your organization. By implementing such restrictions, you minimize the risk of malware and security threats while ensuring employees only use authorized applications.
User Scenario
Remote & hybrid education
Classroom instruction
Library kiosk
Interactive campus signage
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