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EasyControl is a revolutionary device financing platform that protects devices for institutions and telecoms. With remote access restrictions for missed payments, it offers affordable financing while minimizing risk.
What EasyControl Device Lock can do
Bulk deployment allows you to efficiently set up and manage a large number of devices. It can significantly save device owners time and resources, enhance security and compliance, and improve user experience and productivity.

The all-in-one device management solution for any type of use

Grow business fast, deloy device ease
Effortlessly manage a vast rental phone fleet and deliver exceptional customer experiences with EasyControl's advanced workflow automation tools. Forget tedious manual processes and embrace streamlined efficiency, no matter how many devices you juggle.
Know your device location before a fraud
Say goodbye to the nightmare of lost or resold devices. Track your device's location in real-time to minimize risk. Locate lost devices instantly, or remotely wipe data or activate a preventive lockdown. This not only reduces collection costs but also ensures timely EMI payments, keeping your business secure.
Lock down after the failure of payment
Our advanced kiosk mode lockdown and messaging system delivers multi-faceted benefits for businesses. It minimizes theft and damage, enhances customer experience, boosts operational efficiency, and strengthens security. These advantages translate to cost savings, improved profitability, and a competitive edge.
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