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Provide your employees with a custom app experience via our private app store. Control app updates, install apps silently, and manage user access for a streamlined and secure workforce.
What EasyControl APP Store can do
Empower your organization with a custom app store, where you create and deliver trusted apps directly to your employees. Ensure efficient deployment of critical tools, boosting productivity and workflow. Eliminate the risk of unauthorized downloads and malware infiltration, safeguarding your corporate data. Experience the peace of mind and enhanced control of a private app store. Take the first step towards secure and optimized app usage within your organization today!

The all-in-one device management solution for any type of use

Centralized distribution and management
Imagine a streamlined way to distribute and manage essential apps for your team, all within a secure, controlled environment. That's the power of an enterprise app store. Ditch the security risks and compliance headaches of third-party app stores. Your employees get instant access to vetted, company-approved apps, all organized and updated from a central hub.
Simplified app discovery and deployment
Empower your employees to unlock their full potential with an enterprise app store. Forget the hassle of searching for tools across scattered sources. This centralized hub gives them instant access to the right apps, vetted and ready to go. Boost productivity as employees deploy what they need in a flash, while IT sighs in relief as support tickets vanish.
Improved app security and compliance
An enterprise private app store can help you maintain compliance with regulations by enforcing granular permissions and access controls. These controls define who can view, edit, or share content. Additionally, you can track changes, manage revisions, and maintain a complete audit trail of content activities. These features help you protect your company data and ensure compliance with regulations.
Streamlined app updates and maintenance
Organizations can leverage enterprise app stores to automatically update apps and deploy security patches, ensuring devices run the latest versions and remain shielded against emerging threats.
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employee productivity increase
risk of data breaches reduce
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