All-in-one OTA platform, streamline firmware, maximize uptime.

Elevate your device management with our comprehensive over-the-air (OTA) solution. Streamline updates, enhance security, and optimize performance across your entire device fleet.
What EasyControl OTA can do
Our comprehensive IoT software management system offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to combine your intelligent devices, firmware, sensors, and other components. This flexible integration approach enables you to innovate freely according to your enterprise's specific needs, creating IoT products tailored to your distinct functions while ensuring perfect compatibility with our system.

The all-in-one device management solution for any type of use

Save you and your customer traffic and time
Our patterned differential upgrade approach, also known as star-boosting or patching, deploys only the smallest, targeted updates. This minimizes traffic consumption, maximizes efficiency, and uses moderate memory and storage resources.
Security is the highest priority
Our comprehensive security system elevates terminal upgrades with its enhanced stability, reliability, and efficiency. It supports intermittent transfer, power failure protection, and intelligent restoration, ensuring smooth progression even during disruptions. Additionally, a traceable security mechanism safeguards each upgrade against malicious tampering.
Industry-leading adaptability
With years of technical advancement and accumulated experience, EasyControl OTA has become a trusted partner for over 500 customers, managing over 500k IoT terminals. Our comprehensive platform boasts compatibility with more than 700 mainstream platforms, including Freertos, RTThread, Zephyr, Linux, Android, and QNX. It even accommodates devices with no OS or bootloader framework.
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