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Unlock the power of MDM to transform BFSI operations. Easycontrol enables you to harness mobile device potential, safeguard data, boost productivity, and streamline workflows. Embrace secure and efficient mobility with MDM.

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Improve employees productivity
Kiosk mode effectively curbs distractions and refocuses field agents on core operational tasks by limiting unauthorized access.
Safety is the first priority
MDM is a crucial tool for the BFSI industry to protect sensitive customer data and ensure compliance with strict regulatory requirements. MDM solutions offer robust security features spanning device management, data encryption, and regulatory compliance controls. Geo-fencing and kiosk mode act as the first line of defense for sensitive information. If a device is lost, the company can remotely wipe it to prevent any potential data leaks.
Go green
Easycontrol's comprehensive reports and analytics empower IT admins to gain deep insights into device usage patterns. These insights reveal opportunities for optimization and cost savings, eliminating the need for paper-based reporting.
How companies can benefits from EasyControl
Kiosk mode is a valuable feature that lets you lock down a device to a single app or a limited set of apps. This is particularly useful for businesses that want to restrict employee device usage to specific work-related applications. By deploying kiosk mode, you can enhance productivity and efficiency, ensure corporate devices are solely used for enterprise purposes, and minimize support time and costs.
User Scenario
POS devices
Employee devices
Self-service devices
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